søndag 29. januar 2012

My new home in Malmö

On friday a sign the contract for my new apartment i Malmö. It is so exciting!!It all went very fast, and I was very determined that this apartment should be mine. So after 3 days of nerve racking bidding, it was!I think the former owner has a cool retro style, she has taken it all the way. So it is going to be so fun to put my on mark on it. Pictures : Bjurfors 

lørdag 21. januar 2012

Time flies

I´ve bean a terrible blogger lately. Sold my apartment in Oslo and so much to do at work. I am in the team that works with the IKEA catalog for 2013. So it is really hectic. But I glad to see that the PR february news kit that we shoot before christmas is out.Cool to se them at the blog Trendenser! Tomorrow I´m going down to Malmö to look at apartments, exciting. This new series is called KVISSLEKUPOL and EMMIE, in stores in february.