lørdag 22. oktober 2011

HF program - Dalarna

After Stockholm it was time to drive up north, to Dalarna. Our first stop was Carl Larssons house Sundborn. He is a famous painter. I clarly remember Carl Larssons drawings of his home in a book I had when I was a little girl. It was so nice to see it live. Every room was so bright and light. Here we were not aloud to take pictures unfortantly, so the picture that i show is from the webside. 

We also had a guided tour at Andres Zorn place, Zorngården. He is also a famous painter and a friend of Carl Larsson. His house is the opposite of Carl Larsson, dark and technical. 

Off course a visit to the Dala horse fabric Grannas is a must when you are in Dalarna. And they have a shop where you can by Dala horses in different colores and sizes. I bought a couple for gifts to friends and family. 

We also visit this faboulese studio where they mead hand printed fabrics, Jobs Handtryck is the name. So nice to see real handcraft in the making. The last pictures is of the view from the hotel that we staid in, Hotel Green, fantastic atmopsphere!

torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Love laces

I saw this beautiful lace dress on Hannelis blogg, she is a norwegian model/photographer ho lives in NY. Its from the Australian brand Lover. I want everything in the summer/spring collection 2011!

søndag 9. oktober 2011

PAX STORÅS - a black beauty

I am an old horse girl, so it was fun to link this theme up with the new PAX door STORÅS. I miss horse riding!

lørdag 8. oktober 2011

HF program - Stockholm

In the past to weeks I have bean participated in a Home Furnishing Program with colleagues from all over the IKEA world. And it has bean amazing!! We started the program in the heart of IKEA, Älmhult. And after some days there we tok the morning train to Stockholm. First in row was a visit to Skansen founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius. Different traditional buildings and farmsteads from all over Sweden. 

Next stop in Stockholm, Millesgården. First this place was the home and studio for the artist couple Carl Milles and his wife Olga Milles. During the years they expanded the property, and in 1936 this fantastic place was donated to the Swedish people.