mandag 28. desember 2009

Beautiful Koh Lanta

2 weeks before christmas me and my friend Louise went on a dream vacation to Thailand. Our main destination was Koh Lanta. A big island near Krabi at the mainland. A very chill and laid back island. Our main goals was, relaxing, sunbading and swim in the clear blue water. But we did some other stuff as well. Thai cooking classes on Time for Lime. It´s a dream if you like thai food, we learned all the secret of thai cooking, yum yum. And we did a test dive in the sea with Kon-tiki Diving & Snorkeling, amazing. I´m doing that again! After twelv days in the sun, we headed for Bangkok.

Bangkok is every girls shopping dreams. We stayed near all the big shopping centers at Siam square in a cool design hotel called Siam@Siam. I was looking for christmas gifts, but I bought a few things to my self as well. I bought 2 cute KOKESHI dolls. KOKESHI dolls is a traditional folk-crafts from Japan. And a Fuju instax mini 7S polaroid camera, it´s so fun to take pictures now when they pops out in a second.
I love Thailand!

tirsdag 22. desember 2009


I´m home after 2 weeks in Thailand.(Pictures is coming soon). And
I´m delighted to see that a photoseries I sold to Bonytt is one of the nominees to the finest house/apartment titel. Cool!So god blog friends vote,vote. Photo : Espen Grønli

torsdag 3. desember 2009

Biggest fear

Every interiorstylist biggest fear is that the photographers studio equipment is showing in the pictures. Stylist Tina Hellberg has instead incorporated the equipment in her wonderful styling for swedish Elle. I love it!! Photo : Per Ranung

onsdag 2. desember 2009

My white wishlist

This christmas my wishlist is white as snow. From the top : Hanging chair from Seletti. Press-out owl from Muji. iblock stereo dock from Heal´s. Leather sofa KARLSTAD from IKEA. Holga 35mm Camera from Urbanoutfitters.