tirsdag 21. september 2010

Swedish designer paint

I´ve been in Älmhult fore over a week now. It´s hard work, but a lot of fun also.I´m working with the collection for next summer, a lot of nice things to choose between. Due to strict rules, i cant show you any pictures, unfortunately. So I have a different treat from Sweden to you this time. Here is some pictures from the swedish paint company Alcros latest Designers paint kollektion. Li Edelkoort is the mastermind behind it. You can read the stories behind the collection on the web page, quite interesting. Have a nice evening!

søndag 5. september 2010

I am the luckiest girl in the world!

I am the luckiest girl in the world! Next sunday am traveling to the IKEA capital of the world, Älmhult in Sweden. There im going to work at icom where IKEA produce all there pictures to the catalog, web an other campaigns. They have a large staff of Art Directors, carpenters, stylist and photographers. And a photo studio that is 8000, so it cant be bigger then this. IT IS SO EXCITING! So for the next 9 weeks, hopefully, i´v got a lot of interesting things to write about her on the blog. Photo : IKEA and Fastighetsbyrån.