torsdag 17. oktober 2013

My Hallway

When I bought my apartment in Malmö, the hallway was quite dull and boring. Since the hallway is the first impression of your home, I wanted it to reflect me. And after some painting and a self made shelf, I´m so ready to welcome guests!

torsdag 5. september 2013

Realistic wallpaper - MR PERSWALL

This realistic looking marbel wallpaper from MR PERSRWALL fits into the super trends with marbel everywhere. Nice!

torsdag 29. august 2013

torsdag 20. juni 2013

Happy Midsummer

Have a wonderful midsummer celebration! Hopefully mine will have all the typical traditional swedish things like: herring, potatos, strawberrys, dancing and elders shots. Here some PR pictures we did for IKEA.

fredag 7. juni 2013

Summer in the kitchen

Sitting at work, looking out the window where it is a summer explosion of sun and green leafs outside. Thinking about doing some small changes in my kitchen, perfect with some new cool
things to set the look. Lagerhause. Åhlens. Designtorget.

mandag 15. april 2013

METOD - The master of flexibility

The new IKEA kitchen system METOD is finally in the store. Flexible, personal and stronger style expression, it is only your imagination that set the limits. Launched in Norway and Denmark first.

onsdag 27. mars 2013

Happy Easter

Looking forward to a long weekend with sunshine, good food and long walks in Malmö city. Some nice easter pictures from H&M and the super nice Bambula blog. Happy Easter!

tirsdag 19. mars 2013

Conscious and beautiful

I´m totally in love with the new Conscious Collection from H&M. Organic cotton and recycled material, beautiful and good for the environment. This is two of my favorites.

fredag 8. mars 2013

Porcelain Pastel

I really like dutch designer Lenneke Wispelwey porcelain products. Nice pastel colours and geometric patterns.

tirsdag 19. februar 2013

Taste of Spring - Green Light

I'm so ready for spring now, but looking out of the window its a long time for that's a reality! I love plats, but I haven't got a green thumb. But with this sleek plant lamp from Hasselfors Garden it could work, and it will bring in some spring feeling in my apartment.